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Exhibition Liability Insurance 《Customer notification
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We hereby appoint Shanghai Sunwising Insurance Services Ltd as our insurance consultant to handle the matter concerned.

The insurance applicant reads the detailed clauses of insurance products, and understands and accepts the important matters including related liability clauses and disclaimer clauses, hesitant period, cost deduction, insurance cancellation, insurance policy cash value, insurance applicant, insured party liability.

The insurance applicant clearly understands that conclusion and validity of contract are subject to the insurance policy issued by the insurance company, and confirms that insurance premium payment is not the essential element to conclude the insurance contract.

The insurance applicant clearly understands and accepts the insurance undertaker, insurance content, insurance amount, insurance change, claims settlement method and insurance proceeds payment of this insurance scheme.

In accordance with Article 11 of "Contract Law of People's Republic of China", the data message is the legitimate pattern of contract. The insurance applicant accepts the electronic policy provided by insurance company on exhibition insurance website as the legitimate and effective certification for conclusion and validity of this application for insurance, with the full evidentiary effect.

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